US National Football League team the Philadelphia Eagles have announced a plan to power its ground, Lincoln Financial Field, with a combination of on-site wind turbines, solar photovoltaic panels and a substantial, dual-fuel CHP system.
The move will make Lincoln Financial Field the world’s first major sports stadium to convert to self-generated renewable energy, says the club.
The Eagles have contracted Orlando-based SolarBlue, a renewable energy and energy conservation company, to install approximately eighty 6 metre spiral-shaped wind turbines on the top rim of the stadium and around 2500 solar panels on the stadium’s facade.
The company will also build a 7.6 MW dual-fuel cogeneration plant and implement sophisticated monitoring and switching technology to operate the system.
Over the next year, SolarBlue will invest in excess of $30 million to build the system, with a completion goal of September 2011.
SolarBlue will also maintain and operate the stadium’s power system for the next 20 years at a fixed per cent annual price increase in electricity, saving the Eagles an estimated $60 million in energy costs.
The Eagles and SolarBlue estimate that over the 20-year period the on-site energy sources at Lincoln Financial Field will provide a billion kWh of electricity.
This will be more than enough to meet the stadium’s power needs and therefore will enable an estimated 4 MW of excess energy generated off-peak to be sold back to the local electricity grid.
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