With a geothermal facility already installed and by adding a field of solar panels, Oregon Institute of Technology’s Klamath Falls campus will run 100 per cent on renewable energy produced on site.

Their Klamath Falls campus is currently the only university in the world that is completely heated by geothermal water, and it has the first university-based geothermal combined heat and power plant in the world.

Oregon’s Solar by Degrees program is responsible for the conversion, which is also adding solar at Oregan State and Eastern Oregon University. 4.9 MW of solar are on 27 acres.

Portland State University, the University of Oregon, Western Oregon University and Southern Oregon University plan to follow.

Local solar manufacturer SolarWorld, produces the photovoltaic panels used on the campus.

Renewable Energy Development, based in Utah, is getting $13.5m in state energy tax credits, plus federal credits, to build the systems, which cost about $27m.

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