Turboden wins order for Canadian plant

Turboden has been awarded an order for a 12 MWe biomass heat recovery power ORC plant for West Fraser in British Columbia, Canada.

The state-of-the-art: the power plant will generate clean, carbon-neutral power at the company’s Chetwynd Forest Industries plant utilizing two Turboden 6.5 MWel HRS Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbogenerators.

This is a valid example of the new larger ORC family that Turboden is developing for high temperature applications (biomass, heat recovery from internal combustion engines and gas turbines, concentrated solar power projects).

The installation of the ORC unit at West Fraser’s Chetwynd facility is part of a strategy to optimize use of sawmill residuals.

The Chetwynd plant produces about 660,000 m3 of lumber products annually and the ORC units will use thermal oil from a new biomass system installed to burn the plant’s residual hog fuel. Approximately 50-60 per cent of biomass fuel will come from local sawmill operations; while the remainder will be purchased or brought in from logging residues.

Two Turboden 65 HRS systems will be installed by West Fraser in 2014.

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