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Tennessee city benefits from WtE technology in $2.25m project

PHG Energy has announced a project to convert waste to energy (WtE) in Tennessee, US.

The Tennessee-based alternative energy company will provide its biomass gasification equipment and technology to the city of Covington as it seeks to reduce its landfill and transportation fees, and subsequently reduce emissions.

PHG on-site renewable powerà‚  The environmentally friendly system PHG provides, converts a wide range of waste materials or renewable biomass to a low-emission substitute for natural gas or other fossil fuels.

à‚  PHGà‚  integrates established commercial technologies into one innovative system that simultaneously eliminates waste and produces heat that will be used for feedstock drying and the production of electricity.

à‚  Covington Mayor, David Gordon said, “We want to embrace technology that fits our situation, and this system lets us turn waste into an opportunity. Working with PHG is a win-win for Covington. It helps our environment and it helps our city financially.

à‚  Total cost of the project is $2.25m, with $2m of funding obtained through the Tennessee Municipal Bond fund in the form of a general obligation bond issue.

à‚  The waste to be used, approximately 12 tonsà‚  per day, is primarily composed of woody biomass from the city’s collections. PHG’s technology combines a state-of-the-art downdraft gasification system with thermal oxidation equipment and a 125 kilowatt Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power generator, manufactured by General Electric, to produce electric power.

Utilizing the clean energy system designed for Covington will prevent release of 425 tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year by reducing energy usage related to waste water treatment, as well as fossil fuels used in waste disposal transportation.

President of PHG Energy, Tom Stanzione said. “By eliminating the fees associated with transporting and disposing of these waste products, and supplying electricity for the plant, this system will provide Covington a substantial net savings during its operational lifetime.”

Construction of the system is set to commence in November.

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