Tanzania plans biogas plants to revive rural communities

The Tanzanian government, as part of the Tanzania Domestic Biogas Project (TDBP), aims to build and install up to 10,000 biogas plants in order to benefit the country’s rural communities.
Tanzania biogas programme
The Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) Tanzania and Norway have provided a total of $140m, while SNV supported the project with $247m, according to African Review.

The project will be implemented through TDBP, while rural technology will be managed by Hivos, a Netherlands-based organisation.

Rural communities in the area could buy the plant at US$110 through a facilitated discount as opposed to the market price, which is 20 per cent higher.

Additionally, the Dutch Development Cooperation and the Tanga Dairy Cooperative Union are also promoting a Biogas Credit Revolving Fund (BCRF) with $108,826 capital. The fund will offer soft loans for dairy farmers in the region to acquire biogas plants.

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