Swiss army heated by biogas initiative

WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH have begun construction of a biogas plant with an electrical output of 370 kW in Bure, Switzerland.

The plant’s heat surplus will be used to heat the local Swiss army training barracks.
Swiss army knife
TheࢀžBio.Etique. Energie SA” plant will mainly process farm manure from the surrounding agricultural establishments and agro-industrial waste from the region, including liquid manure, dung, green waste, and grain waste.

From November 2012, the WELTEC plant will feed in a net electricity production of 3 GWh/year into the power grid, an amount is sufficient to continually supply 900 homes with power.

The plant’s excess heat of 2.6 GWh/year will be used to heat the barracks in Bure, which hosts up to 1,400 trainees.

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