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SunPower for Spanish superstores

Solar PV systems with a combined capacity of 132 kW have been installed on the rooftops of two Bon Preu Esclat stores located outside of Barcelona, Spain.
The SunPower Corp systems were installed by local firm SUD Energies Renovables, S.L., which is also working with the supermarket chain to install systems on additional Bon Preu Esclat stores over the next three years.
A Bon Preu Esclat store in Piera, Spain received a 55 kW SunPower system, and a 77 kW system has been installed atop the Bon Preu Esclat store in Valls.
At these locations, SUD Energies Renovables installed SunPower T10 Solar Roof Tiles, which are tilted at a 10à‚º angle to increase energy capture, and SunPower 210 solar panels.
In related news, SunPower has also recently announced the completion of two PV power plants in Spain with a total of 8.7 MW. The two plants, located in Llerena and Lebrija, were developed by Solarpack, a Spanish company specializing in renewable energy development, investment, consulting and services.
The solar power plant constructed by SunPower in Llerena is 4.8 MW and the plant in Lebrija is 3.9 MW.