Sugar mill cogen system records max power output

Mackey Sugar cogeneration plant, Australia
Mackey Sugar cogeneration plant, Australia

Mackey Sugar has reported record output from its on-site combined heat and power system, recording 5200 MWh of production over a week at its Racecourse Mill (pictured) in Northern Queensland, Australia.

The bagasse-fuelled system produces about one third of the local region’s electricity.

General manager of milling operations, Jason Lowry, reportedly said: ‘A project came through that has allowed the through-put at the mill to go up and then there has been a focused effort with the operators to ensure that we’re maximising what we can.’

The development follows on from an A$11 million (US$9 million) boiler upgrade completed in May this year at its Farleigh Mill. Upgrading the No 4 Boiler involved the replacement of the boiler heat recovery system ‘back-end’, and refurbishment of dust arrestors and the chimney.

Mackay Sugar business development manager, John Hodgson, said: ‘Aside from improved reliability of the boiler station, we will realise a significant reduction in stack emissions and an improvement in boiler efficiency, which will enable us to potentially produce 45,000 tonnes of extra bagasse for our commercial renewable energy plant at Racecourse Mill.’

Due to the higher steam output from the upgraded Boiler, Mackay Sugar plans to decommission the older No2 Boiler at Farleigh in the near future.

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