15 August 2002 – Plans by Pacific Hydro to build a 180 MW wind farm in southwestern Victoria today gained state government approval. The $A270m ($144.58m) Portland Wind Energy Project still needs the endorsement of the Federal Environment Minister for it to proceed.

Full approval of the project will see 120 wind generators built at Cape Bridgewater, Cape Nelson, Cape Sir William Grant and Yambuk, creating one of the biggest wind farm projects in the world, and the largest in the southern hemisphere.

The Portland project will integrate four wind farms built simultaneously at Cape Bridgewater, Cape Nelson, Cape Sir William Grant and Yambuk in southwest Victoria.

Pacific Hydro is a Melbourne based, publicly listed, independent power producer dedicated to the profitable development of environmentally friendly and efficient energy in Australia, South East Asia and the Pacific Basin.

Acting Premier John Thwaites said today the project could lead to Victoria producing up 10 per cent of its power from wind within five years.

The state government has also released a set of guidelines to help manage the continued expansion of wind farms. The choice of sites on Victoria’s coastline has been controversial with some local groups claiming it will affect the scenery and wildlife.