Solar PV plant inaugurated in Dominican Republic

A 33.4 MW solar photovoltaic array on the Dominican Republic was officially inaugurated today.

Said to be the largest PV array in the Caribbean, the Monte Plata utilizes 132,000 solar panels.

A second phase of the project is due to be completed by the end of the year, which will increase the plMonte Plata solar array in Domincan Republicant’s output to 67 MW.

The array was developed by international solar firm Phanes Group, and the company’s chief executive Martin Haupts said: “With much of the Caribbean challenged by expensive fuel imports, solar has the ability to liberate these island nations from economic and energy dependency, increasing the energy security and reducing greenhouse gas emissions while helping elevate communities.”

Dubai-based Phanes Group said that inadequate power supply has been a bottleneck for the Dominican Republic’s economic development, while high transmission and distribution losses in the country’s aging grid system consistently exceed 30 per cent.

It added that the nation has spent over $4bn annually on fossil fuel imports to run petroleum, coal, and natural gas-fired plants in recent years. à‚ 

Phanes Group developed the plant in co-operation with Taiwan renewable energy company General Energy Solutions and German developer Soventix.

Haupts added: “This project is a demonstration of how multiple stakeholders can work together to co-develop solar projects that are viable and bankable in emerging markets ” successfully delivering access to energy and unlocking huge economic opportunities for remote communities.”

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