A 250 kWp solar system installed on the roof of the National Ice Centre stadium in Nottingham, in the UK, has reduced the building’s energy costs by close to £40,000 (US$60,000) in its first year of operation, according to a statement.

The system, installed at the National Ice Centre and Capital FM Arena (pictured) by local firm EvoEnergy, comprises 1000 solar modules. Compared with the 10,000 seat stadium consumption of more than 12 MWh per day the installation has produced 224 MWh in its first year of operation, 10% more than forecast.

In addition, the building’s carbon footprint has been cut by 118 tonnes.

The panels earned over £22,000 in feed-in tariff payments and saved at least £14,000 off energy bills too.

Lee Chadburn, Facilities Manager at National Ice Centre and Capital FM Arena Nottingham, said: ‘The PV system we’ve installed has exceeded our expectations in terms of the electricity savings we’d originally calculated so we’re really happy with how it’s performing. Having this system in place helps to ensure we can carry on making savings year-on-year, and allows us to be proud of our ‘Greener Arena’ status as an eco-friendly venue.’