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Siemens-driven project aimed at more effective microgrids

Siemens has partnered with universities and network specialists in Germany to develop a microgrid aimed at incorporating distributed renewable energy more effectively.

The project, in Wildpoldsried in the Allgàƒ¤u region of the country, aimed to technically and economically optimise a smart energy system with distributed power generation, the company said, adding that the project had been a success.
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According to reNews, Siemens partnered with Allgàƒ¤uer àƒÅ“berlandwerke, IDKOM Networks, RWTH Aachen and the Kempten University of Applied Sciences on the microgrid system, which is part of the IREN2 research project.

Siemens Energy Management head of global microgrid solutions Constantin Ginet said: “Increasing amounts of distributed energy systems such as solar photovoltaic and wind in local grids require more intelligent control to maintain grid stability and optimal operation.

“In Wildpoldsried we have now successfully proven the ability of a microgrid to perform under real conditions.”

The IREN2 project focuses on microgrids as island grids to independently supply regions that are not connected with the main grid.