Network operator Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution (SHEPD) will soon reveal dates for connection of the smart grid, which is intended to make the grid of the Shetland Islands in Scotland more flexible.

This is according to documents published as part of the consultation process into the Northern Isles New Energy Solutions (NINES) project.

At present, the network cannot accept power from sources other than the main power stations, which means that residential and other small-scale generators can not feed in to the grid.

The new smart grid will change that, with the proviso that there will be times when the grid reaches its maximum capacity and is unable to accept any more feed-in power.

At the heart of the NINES project is Britain’s largest battery, a 1 MW device being installed next to Lerwick Power Station to help stabilise fluctuations in demand and supply.

The NINES consultation period ends in September 2011, and is due to begin operation in January 2013.

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