Sheffield, a city in the north of England, has generated more solar power per head than any other town in the UK since the introduction of feed-in-tariffs, according to a league table published today.

Nearly 2 MW of capacity has been added in Sheffield in the last 15 months, thanks to a strong push by the council to boost the take-up of feed-in tariffs, particularly by people living in social housing.

Second in the table published by energy and environmental consultancy AEA Group was Leeds, with more than 1 MW of capacity added, followed by Bristol, Bradford and Birmingham.

Although London has increased renewable power than anywhere else in the UK since FiTs ­- with more than 3.2 MW of capacity – in per head rankings the capital comes only sixth.

Since 30 June 2011, more than 160 MW of low carbon electricity generation has been applied for under feed-in tariffs, with a total of 44,460 separate installations, according to energy regulator Ofgem and the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

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