SeaWest and Econergy launch green power consulting services

August, 21, 2002 — SeaWest WindPower Inc. and Econergy International Corp. announced a Co-Marketing Agreement to strengthen each company’s green power consulting service offerings.

SeaWest and Econergy have combined their knowledge and abilities in order to offer a broader range of support to consulting clients developing wind energy projects.

With more than a decade in wind energy consulting experience, and twenty years of developing utility-scale wind power projects, SeaWest provides wind-specific expertise to all phases of a project, from feasibility analyses, project development, procurement, construction, financial structuring, and long-term asset management to utilities, municipalities and other clients interested in building their own wind energy generation projects.

Econergy complements SeaWest’s project development consulting with financial support and strategy development specifically related to the creation of green marketing programs and the analysis and brokering of Renewable Energy Certificates, green “tags” and/or carbon credits. The sale of these certificates can greatly enhance the value and profitability of wind energy projects.

“We believe that the combination of SeaWest’s wind expertise, and Econergy’s green marketing expertise, creates a compelling offering to a number of utilities interested in their initial entry into wind energy projects,” said Christian Engsted, SeaWest’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

“We have found that there are a number of smaller utilities that want to incorporate wind power into their energy mix through 10-20 megawatt projects. And, by capitalizing on the positive environmental attributes associated with wind power projects, they can greatly enhance the value proposition of their projects. Through our co-marketing arrangement, SeaWest and Econergy can offer our clients unparalleled solutions on both the supply and demand sides of the equation.”

“We are thrilled to be teaming with SeaWest on this exciting new venture. The market for services to the wind power industry is only going to grow over the next few years. Our team is uniquely positioned to add value to our clients efforts to develop wind power,” said John Paul Moscarella, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Econergy.

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