Scheme launched to power remote Amazon communities with solar

Spanish renewable energy developer Acciona’s Microenergy Foundation has launched a new scheme to power isolated communities in the Amazonà‚ region.à‚ 

In its first stage, the scheme aims to provide solar PV systems to around 1000 households in the Peruvian basin of the Napo river.

So far, 61 home PV systems have been installed, providing electricity to 325 people in four settlements. This enables residents to use three electric lights and a 12 V charger for small appliances such as mobile phones, rechargeable flashlights or radios.

The eventual goal is to replicate the model in other river basins in the region that are not able to be grid-connected due to geographical isolation or the potential for negative environmental impact.

The Acciona Microenergy Foundation has begun expanding the project to an additional 350 households in the Napo river basin, in co-operation with the Technical University of Madrid’s Innovation and Technology for Development Centre, the ICAI Engineers Foundation for Development and the Institute for Research in Technology at the School of Engineering (ICAI) of Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid.

The project is co-financed by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation.

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