Osaka, Japan, Oct. 24, 2000 (Jiji Press)—Sanyo Electric Co. President Sadao Kondo Tuesday showed readiness to resign to take the responsibility for a subsidiary’s sale of solar power generation systems with lower-capacity panels.

To meet active demand for generation systems with high- performance solar cell panels, Sanyo Solar Industries Co. mingled lower-output panels with part of the systems it sold, on former President Minoru Hagihara’s instructions. Hagihara has been dismissed.

Receiving a report on the sale of the fake systems from Sanyo Solar Industries officials, the Natural Resources and Energy Agency, an affiliate of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, ordered Sanyo Electric to look into the suspected misconduct.

But Moriguchi, Osaka Prefecture-based Sanyo Electric made a fictitious report on the survey to the ministry.

MITI Minister Takeo Hiranuma Tuesday voiced regret that Sanyo Electric has failed to deal with the matter appropriately despite information on the wrongdoing received in 1998.

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