Germany’s RWE Innogy is acquiring a minority share in Stirling DK ApS, a Danish manufacturer of Stirling engine-based cogeneration systems which can for the first time be fuelled by solid biomass for energy generation.

Stirling DK has developed a distributed CHP system to generate energy from solid biomass of low value, for example fresh wood chips from forests. The plant engineering is based on a Stirling engine with an electrical output of 35 kW, supplied with heat from an external combustion chamber specifically designed for the combustion of solid biomass.
Early systems have already been successfully installed in Germany and present customers include a municipal utility and a hospital.

‘With our commitment, we intend to take promising technologies enabling carbon neutral energy generation to the production stage so as to make them fit for commercial deployment,’ explained Crispin Leick, Head of RWE Innogy’s Venture Division. Last year, RWE Innogy acquired shares in Quiet Revolution, a British developer of micro wind turbines, and the Dutch company Topell BV, which is developing an innovative process to produce biocoal pellets.