ROCs ready to roll

7 August, 2002 – UK certificates that prove electricity companies are supplying green electricity to their customers have become active for the first time, energy industry regulator Ofgem said Tuesday.

Ofgem issues the Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs) to renewable generators to prove that their generation comes from eligible renewable sources. Electricity suppliers can buy these ROCs to prove that they are meeting their obligation to supply their customers green electricity.

Under the Renewables Obligation, electricity suppliers are required by the Government to supply a certain percentage of electricity from renewable sources each year. Companies can choose to meet their target by buying enough ROCs, by paying a premium to make up the shortfall, or by using a combination of both these methods.

An online Register, which went live Monday, will allow electricity companies, generators and any member of the public to keep track of the movement of ROCs. The Register will show how many ROCs have been issued, who they have been issued to and if they are transferred from one owner to another.

Traders or brokers can buy ROCs to trade in them and may sell them on to a supplier that still needs to meet its ROCs quota.

Amanda McIntyre, Ofgem’s Head of Renewables and CHP said, “The Renewables Obligation is a key part of the Government’s Climate Change Programme which is aimed at encouraging the development of renewable generation in the UK. The ROC Register is now in place, the ROCs issued are now active and suppliers are now able to work to meet their targets.

“The Register has been developed with the help of an industry group and will allow information about the ROCs market to be publicly available.”

For more detail on how the Renewables Obligation works please view the factsheet ‘Regulating for a Greener Future: Administering the government’s environmental schemes’ at The ROC Register can be viewed at

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