Nov. 27, 2000 (South China Morning Post)¬óScientists from the Polytechnic University and a private company have won the contract for a multimillion-dollar consultancy study on renewable energy.

The 32-month project commissioned by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department was awarded to the university and Camt Dresser & McKee. A signing ceremony will take place this week.

University assistant professor and consultancy team member Dr Yang Hongxing said the study would explore the feasibility of using different kinds of renewable energy.

These include solar energy, wind power and ocean and landfill gas for both public and private sectors.

“People want to continue living a comfortable life, therefore they need to seek an alternative to the conventional energy,” he said. “So I believe renewable energy will produce half or more of global energy supplies in the middle of the century.”

Dr Yang warned Hong Kong was at least 10 years behind other countries and territories, including the mainland, on the use of renewable energy.

“Hong Kong is a commercial city. The Government and people have tended to pay less attention to environmental protection,” he said. “Renewable energy involves a long pay-back period and is not attractive to local businessmen.”

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