Renewable Energy Alliance formed by the California Energy Commission

24 September 2002 – The California Energy Commission, as part of a statewide renewable energy education program, has formed the Renewable Energy Alliance, a voluntary partnership of organizations connected to California’s renewable energy market.

Alliance members will combine efforts to increase consumer awareness of renewable energy sources. To date, 50 representatives of federal, state, regional, community, public, private and/or grassroots renewable energy organizations have joined the Alliance.

“Californians are by necessity some of the most informed energy consumers in the nation. They have led the way in energy conservation efforts, reportedly cutting their energy consumption in the last two years by 10 to 20 per cent in some utility service areas,” said Commissioner John L. Geesman, California Energy Commission. “The next step for responsible energy use is an increased reliance on energy from clean, renewable sources, such as sun, wind, biomass, geothermal, fuel cells, and small hydro. Our Alliance members will help us to reach consumers with the information they need to make energy decisions that will benefit them as well as our environment.”

Alliance members have many opportunities to get involved, such as participating in educational programmes and events, using or distributing renewable energy education program public service advertisements and other media materials, and participating in workshops and training. In addition, Alliance members can showcase their renewable energy projects, providing information for case studies that may be posted on the Energy Commission’s website.

The Energy Commission formed the Renewable Energy Alliance in April 2002 to support and facilitate consistent messaging about renewable energy technologies to California’s consumers. By co-ordinating the Energy Commission’s Renewable Energy Program public service, marketing and advertising campaigns with renewable energy education campaigns conducted by others serving the renewable energy market, the Alliance and its membership will help to establish a common language for consumers to discuss and compare renewables.

“When consumers can understand and differentiate renewable sources from non-renewable sources of energy, then they can better understand the benefits and consequences of the energy choices they make,” said Geesman.

Alliance members include representatives of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE); The DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory; The U.S. EPA Green Power Partnership; Solar Energy Industries Assoc., Building Owners and Managers Assoc. of San Francisco, the Environmental Media Assoc.; City of Santa Monica Green Buildings Program; the San Diego Regional Energy Office; Global Possibilities, sponsor of the LA Solar Home Tours 2002; Educators for the Environment; the California Alliance for Distributed Energy Resources; the Interstate Renewable Energy Council; the Rahus Institute; Landsafe, Countrywide Mortgage; the American Wind Energy Assoc.; the Western Area Power Administration; as well as many manufacturers and distributors of renewable energy technologies.

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