Record distributed solar installations evident in China

China has added a record capacity of new solar in 2017, with much of it being accounted for by rooftop solar power.

The country added 24 GW of capacity in the first half amid a push by policymakers to locate electricity production near the point where it’s used.
China rooftop solar
Distributed solar power projects ” the kind of solar found on industrial buildings, malls and schools ” accounted for almost a third of the new installations in the period, or 7 GW, Xing Yiteng, deputy section chief in the new energy division at the National Energy Administration, said on Wednesday at a conference in Beijing.

At its present rate China is in line to break the 30 GW of new solar capacity it added in 2016.

China’s additions in the first six months of the year alone are equal to more than half of the total installed solar base in the US at the end of 2016, according to data compiled by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

“Natural demand is ramping up along with declining solar costs and the improved returns of power stations,” Alex Liu, China utilities and renewable energy analyst at UBS Securities, told Bloomberg.

Electricity output from photovoltaic plants rose 80% in the first quarter, the National Energy Administration said in May.

China installed a record 30 GW of capacity in 2016, with most in the form of large-sized solar photovoltaic projects, according to data compiled by BNEF. The NEA puts last year’s additions at 34.54 GW.


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