Real Time to supply NIE with electricity trading system

29 Jan 2002 – Real Time Engineering Ltd (Real Time), the Glasgow-based IT Consultants said today it signed a deal with Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE),to develop a system to facilitate internet-based electricity capacity trading between Scotland and Northern Ireland across the Moyle interconnector, the only electricity link between Scotland and Ireland.

The deal means that Real Time has now developed all of the UK’s major internal cross-border electricity capacity trading systems.

Real Time developed the UK’s first internal cross-border interconnector capacity trading system between Scotland and England. This Anglo-Scottish system went live in March last year as part of the implementation of the New Electricity Trading Arrangements (Neta).

Harry McCracken, managing director of NIE said, “The establishment of the Moyle interconnector is a watershed project for our customers and the economy of Northern Ireland. Moyle will essentially end our isolation from the much larger electricity systems and markets of Britain and the European mainland.

“Real Time is ideally placed to implement the trading system for Moyle. The company has proven interconnector trading business knowledge as a result of managing the Scotland/England link, and a track record of delivering
internet-based solutions.”

Moyle will provide Northern Ireland with an additional electricity supply and will enhance competition in the country’s emerging energy trading market. Power from the electricity systems in Scotland to Northern Ireland has been transmitted through Moyle from January 2002, with 300 MW of interconnector capacity auctioned and allocated for the period to the end of September 2002. From October 2002 to the end of March 2003, 400 MW of Moyle interconnector capacity has been auctioned and allocated.

Jim Boyd, director of Real Time’s energy and utilities practice, said, “NIE’s decision to take Real Time on board allows us to deliver, yet again, on our three-pronged strategy of providing market-leading solutions in the interlinked areas of energy trading, renewables and cross-border interconnectors.

“The establishment of the Moyle interconnector heralds the beginning of an important new era in energy supply and trading between Scotland and Northern Ireland. We look forward to doing more business with NIE in the future.”

Real Time’s bespoke system will meet all of NIE’s requirements enabling daily allocations of capacity, energy nominations and trading. The system will also be
capable of further developments.

Real Time employs around 150 highly qualified staff across a variety of disciplines. It has supplied its energy trading system, RT-XTM to Scottish Power plc and Scottish and Southern Energy plc, developing the management system to
support Ofgem’s statutory duties under the Renewables Obligation, and providing capacity allocation and trading systems for all of the UK’s major cross-border

NIE is the largest company within the Viridian Group, Northern Ireland’s largest business. It is responsible for the regulated procurement, transmission and distribution of electricity to both domestic and business users in the province.

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