Punjab seeks ADB help in bagasse power projects

The Punjab chief minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif met with the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) new country director Werner Lipach recently to discuss ADB aid in the implementation of power projects in Pakistan’s province of Punjab.

Sharif said: “Pakistan is facing a serious energy crisis which is having a negative impact on the economy. Work on power generation projects from renewable sources is in progress, and the policy for generation of energy from bagasse is being given a final shape. Power generation from bagasse is the cheapest source of electricity after hydropower.”

Lipach said that Punjab was the biggest province of Pakistan, and various projects were being completed with the cooperation of the ADB in Punjab. He said: “Punjab has shown satisfactory performance regarding execution of projects with the cooperation of the ADB, and cooperation in various sectors, including energy, will further be promoted in the future.”

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