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Poyry wins Philippines biomass contract

Pàƒ¶yry has won an EPC contract for a 25 MW biomass plant in the Philippines.

The deal covers the design, procurement of components, construction, commissioning and testing of the entire project in Northern Negros.

The power plant will be fuelled by sugar cane trash, a residual biomass remaining on fields after sugar cane has been harvested.

The contract has been awarded by North Negros Biopower Inc. (NNBP), a Philippine company registered with the Department of Energy and with a track record of developing renewable energy projects in the country, including solar and biomass plants.à‚ 

Pàƒ¶yry’s Peter Heinzelmann, senior vice-president in its Energy Business Group, said: “Pàƒ¶yry is very active in the bioenergy sector around the world, but especially in the Philippines. With our deep knowledge of the challenges involved in implementing bioenergy projects, we are excited to be a part of the realisation of the NNBP project.”

Richard Pinnock, President of Pàƒ¶yry’s Energy Business Group, said: “We are proud that NNBP has seen great value in our unique EPC+ System Methodology, an approach which provides full transparency to the client throughout the project execution and the sharing in any savings from the agreed ceiling price at the close-out of the project. We continue to see great interest in our EPC+ approach as an alternative to the traditional EPC implementation approach, particularly in the bioenergy sector.”

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