PowerSav has announced that it will invest in a joint venture company that will initially assemble, then fully manufacture, renewable energy storage systems in China.

This will be on an exclusive basis in most of China, and on a non-exclusive basis in Hong Kong, and also in Taiwan. The joint venture company will build a new manufacturing centre in WuHu City, Anhui Province, and it will begin operations in early 2012.

The joint venture partners comprising the “China JV Company” (the name is pending registration) include: ZBB-PowerSav Holdings, Xinlong Electrical and WuHu Huarui Power Transmission and Transformation Engineering.

Terms of the joint venture include cash and technology capital investments of over $13m. The China JV Company will have an exclusive, royalty-free licence to manufacture and sell ZBB’s 50 kW V3 battery and PECC (up to 250 kW) in mainland China, and a non-exclusive royalty-free licence to manufacture and distribute the products in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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