A planning application for a new energy from waste CHP facility in the UK’s Merseyside at Knowsley Business Park has been submitted by Energos, part of the North West based renewable energy company Ener-g plc.

The company plans to invest £40 million (US$80 million) in the new facility, which would gasify non-recyclable waste to supply electricity for up to 10,000 homes, as well as heat for local industry.

The proposed scheme would use Energos’ patented gasification technology. This involves a finely controlled two stage process that converts non recyclable waste into a gas by using the heat of partial combustion. The gas is then fully combusted to generate heat, which is used to produce steam and electricity.

The plant would take two years to build and Knowsley would be the second advanced thermal conversion plant built in the UK, with Energos set to open the first this July on the Isle of Wight.

Nick Dawber, managing director for Energos said: ‘We are proposing a community-sized solution for local waste that would otherwise fill up landfill sites and emit damaging greenhouse gases. The scheme would create a similar renewable power output to 18 large wind turbines.’