The Philippine Independent Power Producers Association (PIPPA) is supporting government plans to privatize the Agus-Pulangui Hydropower plant, even if this means splitting up linked operations.

PIPPA was responding to suggestions from Sarangani Energy to modify the privatization of the hydropower plants to allow the government to manage the facilities and have private companies trade the output in order to prevent conflicts in operations.

The Agus hydropower plant has six cascading units with a combined capacity of 700 MW, and the Pulangui hydropower plant has a capacity of 255 MW. Due to their size, companies that bid for the asset could breach the cap set by the Electric Power Reform Act, which is why the facilities have to be auctioned off as multiple lots.

Ernesto Pantangco, president of PIPPA, said: “While Agus needs to be split up because of its size, the nature of operations can be threshed out through policies like the water protocol. As long as you have water and your turbines are working, the plant should run.”

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