Japanese electronics firm Panasonic will trial in Singapore’s Punggol Eco Town an integrated energy project aimed at raising energy efficiency in public housing and at advancing an existing Smart Grid pilot study.

Panasonic is working with three Singapore agencies – the Economic Development Board (EDB), the Housing and Development Board (HDB), and the Energy Market Authority (EMA) – in a public-private partnership to integrate solar technology, fuel-cell batteries and home energy management systems into a public housing block.

Panasonic will fit Punggol 21, a public housing block of 100 households, with photovoltaic solar panels installed on the roof and lithium-ion batteries to store excess energy for night-time power supply.

To address household electricity use, Panasonic will install its energy management system in ten households within the block. EMA will use the data as part of its Smart Grid study, called Intelligent Energy System (IES), which started in 2009 to determine how best to balance Singapore’s electricity demand and distribution.

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