Onsite solar to power Cambodia cement factory

An onsite solar PV system in now operational at the most advanced cement factory in Cambodia.

The system comprises a 2.8 MW floating solar power plant deployment on a reservoir owned by Chip Mong Insee Cement Corporation (CMIC), plus 7 MW installed across multiple rooftops of the company’s facility.

It has been built by Singapore-headquartered Cleantech Solar and is expected to generate 297 GWh of clean energy for CMIC, substituting some of the large plant’s electricity consumption with solar PV.

Cleantech Solar said that the deployment of the floating solar system will also shield the reservoir from wind and the direct hot midday sun, a move which is expected to reduce water loss through evaporation, contributing to CMIC’s water conservation efforts.

CMIC chairman Meng Leang said that “adopting solar is an important step for us to help meet our energy requirements whilst at the same time reduce our CO2 emissions”.

Cleantech Solar founder Raju Shukla said: “In addition to environmental and social benefits, such as cutting emissions and promoting corporate social responsibility, the economic benefits of sourcing renewables will also include cost savings, long-term price stability and security of supply.”

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