On-site solar is booming in Poland

When we think of Poland and energy, we tend to think first of large, centralized coal-fired power plants.

But a new report has revealed that the country’s distributed solar sector is booming, with 73 MW of residential and commercial solar added in 2016 according to the renewable energy institute (Instytut Energetyki Odnawialnej) (IEO).à‚ 

In its report on the Polish solar photovoltaic (PV) market, the IEO said total installations for 2016 amounted to 101 MW. Of this, around 73 MW were installations of 40 kW or smaller.

Poland supports solar systems up to 40 kW with a net metering scheme under its 2016 renewable energy law, which came into effect in July.

Within the scheme, PV systems of 10 kW or smaller receive a refund of 80 per cent for each kW they export to the grid. Systems between 10 kW and 40 kW receive a 70 per cent refund.à‚ 

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