On-site power will comprise part of the agenda for Renewable Energy World Africa, which will be launched alongside POWER-GEN Africa 2012 in Johannesburg in November.

The three day event will feature presentations and debate about the strategic challenges and technical solutions for expanding renewable energy power generation across sub-Saharan Africa.

The event will also involve discussion of the future of on-site renewable power in Africa and how that form of energy relates to the major industries in the region, and in relation to rural electrification.

Exhibitors will have a dedicated Renewable Energy World Africa pavilion on the show floor which will be a focus of expertise and global technological excellence in the green energy sector.

“Countries in sub-Saharan Africa today face a collective power deficit with the prospect of fast growing future demand. Renewable power generation offers huge potential to help close this gap in a continent with abundant renewable resources and space. With technology advancing quickly and manufacturing costs lowering, renewable power generation will play a big role in a new energy infrastructure in Africa offering solutions in both rural distributed applications and large-scale projects such as hydropower, CSP, wind and biomass,” said Nigel Blackaby, Renewable Energy World Africa Event Director & Director Conference for PennWell’s International Power Group.

This exciting new industry forum will feature leading renewable energy industry professionals from around the world who will share their expertise and experiences to help define Africa’s renewable energy sector of the future.

Renewable Energy World Africa, and POWER-GEN Africa conference & exhibition will take place in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa on 6-8 November 2012.

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