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Norwich Generation Park axed

Plans for a biomass-fired power plant and residential complex have been axed in Norwich, England, after its developer filed for insolvency.

The à‚£360m scheme was set to encapsulate the plant along with homes,à‚ student flats and an education centre.

Developerà‚ Norwich Powerhouse failed to find backers for the innovative scheme to heat the wider development using combined heat and power.
Norwich Generation Park
Had it gone ahead the plant would have lowered Norwich’s carbon footprint for electricity generation by 22 per cent.

The project was first put together byà‚ the University of East Anglia, which investedà‚ à‚£2.25m into it, and energy company Eon, which put in à‚£1.4m.

Architects Grimshaw designed the wider scheme, helped by Ramboll UK as civils engineer and Cudd Bentley, the M&E consultant. Backers had hoped to start construction this year.