UK firm ENER-G has launched a new sub-200 kWth combined heat and power (CHP) unit which the company says makes small scale anaerobic digestion projects viable for a wider customer base, particularly smaller farms and dairies, as well as industrial processors.

The ENER-G E200 biogas CHP unit provides a thermal output of 195 kWth together with an electrical output of 205 kWe at a total efficiency rating of 77.1%. It is based on a turbo-charged MAN engine.

Reducing the cooling level of exhaust gases can achieve a heat output that falls below the threshold for highest rate payments under the UK’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) programme. This higher rate provides an extra 1.6p/kWth compared to the next tariff band for sub-600 kWth sites.

‘Our UK design team have packed a mighty heat punch of 40.7% efficiency into the new E200, without compromising on high electrical efficiency of 37.6%,’ said ENER-G‘s Laurence Stephenson. He added: ‘It will accelerate the payback on investment – making anaerobic digestion feasible for smaller farms and other sites. This could provide a valuable lifeline for dairies, which are under huge financial pressure from falling milk prices.’