Wave Park Group have lodged a formal proposal to develop URBNSURF Perth, what will be Australia’s third surf park.

Energy Matters reports that the 4.4ha site located at Tompkins Park, Alfred Cove; just 9km south of Perth’s Central Business District is set to be part powered by solar technology.
Perth surf park - artist impression
The park will feature technology capable of producing waves up to 1.7 metres high and the energy required to power the facility will be generated by on-site solar power and off-site renewable energy sources. The company says the facility will use around the same amount of energy each year as that of a typical indoor aquatic centre.

Perth receives solar irradiation levels of around 5.35 kilowatt hours per square metre daily, making solar an ideal technology for the facility.

The waves are generated by moving water over a shallow profile that causes a wave to form and then fold on itself.  The Wavegarden device displaces more than 30 tonnes of water, and propels it at 7 metres per second. There is very little noise associated with the operation of the wave generator says Wave Park Group.

The A$25 million development could start late next year, with the facility opening late 2018.