Multi-fuel bio-energy project launched in Belgium

Thenergo has begun a new CHP project in Meer, Hoogstraten in the North of Belgium.

The project, Binergy Meer, will generate 6.5-25 MWe of electricity and similar amounts of renewable heat from renewable fuels.

Built in several phases, due to the need to modify the local grid, the current available injection capacity will allow 6.5 MWe of additional generation.

The first phase will consist of a 4 MWe biogas plant that will convert 150,000 tonnes/year of biomass and organic waste into fuel. The biogas plant is designed to accept a wide variety of feedstock such as pig and chicken manure, food industry waste, verge cuttings and other organic materials recovered from a wide range of sources. Leysen, Thenergo’s waste to energy unit, is the principal sourcing contributor. Next to this 4 MW unit will stand a further 2.5 MWe of diesel engines fuelled by jatropha bio-oil.

In a second phase, extensions are planned to boost capacity to 13 MWe and 25 MWe.

Binergy Meer, a fully owned project, will represent an initial investment of €28.5million, rising to at least €50 million if the full size 25 MWe capacity is reached.
Thenergo is also currently investigating the delivery of water, CO2 and heat to local industrial consumers, such as greenhouses, which will further boost the overall efficiency of the project and will lead to strong environmental benefits.

Construction is expected to start September 2008 and the plant should be operational in late 2009.

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