Microsoft to power Texas data centre with wind

Texas on-site power Microsoft

Computer giant Microsoft has announced plans to power its data centre in San Antonio, Texas, US with wind energy.

Microsoft has signed a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with renewable energy developer RES Americas for all of the energy from the planned 110-MW Keechi Wind project near the town of Jacksboro. Construction on the 55-turbine wind farm will begin in early 2014.
Texas on-site power Microsoft
This is Microsoft’s first long-term PPA, although the company’s purchase of renewable energy currently stands at around 2.3 billion kWh. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, Microsoft is the second largest purchaser of green power in the country.

Among other examples, the Microsoft campus in Silicon Valley, California is powered by an on-site solar system. The San Antonio data centre uses recycled waste water for cooling and a Quincy, Washington facility uses hydropower as its primary energy source. Microsoft also plans toà‚ build a biogas-powered off-grid data centre in Wyoming.à‚ 

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