Micro-biomass CHP set for Japanese resort.

A health resort in Japan‘s Fukushima prefecture has inaugurated a small-scale biomass power plant.

The Nishigo resort is the first of a series of plants that Entrade said it plans to build in coming weeks.

Biomass magazine reports that Entrade’s E3 micro combined-heat-and-power system provides a decentralized energy supply in developed and emerging markets.
Entrade E3 CHP system
In a high-temperature reactor, the compact power station module uses solid biomass to generate high-quality syngas, which is used to produce up to 25 kW of electricity and 60 kW of thermal energy.

The Nishigo E3 plant uses biomass available in the regionࢀ”for instance, pellets derived from waste wood and saw dustࢀ”to provide a hotel and a spa with electricity and heat.

“By using biomass from the region, we protect the environment together with Entrade, and in addition create jobs,” said Mitsuo Fujita, managing director of the building company Fujita Construction, and operator of the hotel and spa resort Abukuma. “In the future, we plan to derive a third of the energy that is required here around the clock from E3 power plants.”

The first power plant will supply enough heat to bring the water for the healing treatments to an appropriate temperature, and to heat the rooms of the hotel.

Julien Uhlig, CEO at Entrade said, “As of today, we start to reduce the load on the Japanese power grids together with our partners, and still make even more renewable energy available.”

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