Metso is to supply a biomass boiler for the We Energies/Domtar Biomass Energy Project owned by We Energies in Wisconsin as part of a new biomass-fueled cogeneration power plant at the Domtar Mill in Rothschild, Wisconsin.

The biomass boiler plant will use circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology and will use waste wood from logging and mill activity, tree trimming and sawdust as the main fuel.

The plant will produce approximately 50 MW of electric power and provide process steam to the mill and is due to start operations in 2013.

Metso has already supplied more than 30 boilers to the United States and claims the Wisconsin boiler will be the largest and most efficient biomass-fired boiler of them all.

The We Energies/Domtar Biomass Energy Project is owned by We Energies, an electric utility company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We Energies has more than 1.1 million electric customers in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and more than 1 million natural gas customers in Wisconsin.

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