Metso in €20m CHP conversion project in Poland

Metso is to convert a coal fired boiler to biomass fired bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) boiler at Elektrociepà…‚ownia Biaà…‚ystok‘s CHP plant in Biaà…‚ystok, Poland in a deal worth about €20m.

The CHP plant will have a capacity of 166 MWe and 460 MWth, and will partly replace coal fuel supply with biomass fuel, primarily from forest and agro based residues. The company says the new environmental supportive boiler system will cut the power plant’s CO2 emissions significantly. The plant is scheduled to open in December 2012.

Renewables’ share of the energy mix in Poland was only 7.5% last year compared with the EU’s target of 20% by 2020. About 80% of the current energy boilers, turbines and generators installed in Polish power plants are over 20 years old. Metso has previously carried out seven biomass boiler conversions orders in Poland, including one with Elektrociepà…‚ownia Biaà…‚ystok in 2008.

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