Finnish firm Metso Automation has won orders to supply its automation and information management systems for energy-from-waste plants with in both Italy and the UK. The firm, a division of Metso Corporation, made the announcement today.

Metso Automation will deliver its metsoDNA automation and information management systems for PowerGen’s Groverhurst sludge combustion plant in Kemsley, UK. The plant utilizes fluidized bed boiler technology for the sludge combustion. The main constructor of the Groverhurst plant is Lurgi Entsorgung from Germany. The start-up is scheduled to be in July 2002.

Metso Automation will also deliver automation and information management systems to Tecnoborgo S.p.A’s energy-from-waste plant in Piacenza, Italy. The grate fired boiler-based plant will also supply electrical power to ENEL. The main fuel of the plant is municipal waste and the plant will have an annual throughput of approximately 110 000 tons. The electrical output is 12 MW. The main constructor of the Piacenza plant is C.N.I.M (Construction Industrielles de la M�terran� from France. The plant is scheduled for operation in May 2002.

Metso Automation specializes in automation and information management solutions for energy-from-waste, cogeneration, renewable energy and power. The company operates worldwide and it has sales and customer support units in 37 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia, and Africa.

In 2000, Metso Automation’s net sales were €644m and had 4500 employees. Metso Corporation’s other businesses are Metso Paper, Metso Minerals and Metso Ventures.