The Villanova Mondovi pyro-gasification plant near Turin, Italy has opted to buy two Jenbacher J316 Units from GE.

GE says that the technology deployed for the Villanova Mondovi plant, which turns waste wood into energy, evolved from a similar gasifier project in Grossenkneten, Germany.

The German plant was co-financed by the region of Lower Saxony, which, GE claims, is producing the highest net electrical efficiency ever reached by a syngas cogeneration plant in this output range – between 27% and 29%, depending on the quality of the wood and the air used in the process.

With an output of 995 kW, the Villanova Mondovi project qualifies for the government’s incentive tariff, which encourages the development of smaller, geographically distributed power plants.

Owned and operated by Italian energy company Energia & Calora, the plant was commissioned at the beginning of 2011 and is supplying thermal energy for a district heating network that covers an industrial area along with private and public buildings, including the local school.

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