Ikea to install solar in Singapore

Ikea is set to install yet another on-site solar photovoltaic (PV) system, this time at its Singapore facility.

Singapore-based Phoenix Solar has been tapped to install the 1 MWp array on the roof of Ikea’s Tampines store (pictured).

The system is expected to generate 1300 MWh per year and to save the store around $2.4m on its power bills over ten years.

The project follows the installation of a 1 MWp solar rooftop system atop the company’s Megabangna mall in Bangkok and Ikea said further collaborations are in the pipeline between its Southeast Asia business and Phoenix Solar.

Christian Rojkjaer, Ikea Southeast Asia’s managing director, said: “This project supports a core sustainability goal for our company: to generate and consume renewable energy. When we can reduce climate impact while saving long-term operational costs, it’s an easy business decision.”


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