The Ikea Group, the Swedish home furnishing firm, has announced that it plans to install 39 000 solar panels on the roofs of it UK stores and that it has purchased a new wind farm in Scotland.

The company confirmed that it intends to source more of its energy from renewables.

Ikea’s chief sustainability officer Steve Howard said: “These developments are enough to cover 30 per cent of Ikea’s UK electricity use. The solar panels, totalling 2.1 MW, will be fitted on ten stores, providing an average of 5 per cent of each shop’s power.”

The 12.3 MW wind farm in Huntly was purchased from Good Energies Capital Inc for an undisclosed sum. However, wind power is not a new approach for Ikea, which also owns wind farms in Denmark, France and Germany.

According to reports, the company loses approximately $1.7bn per year due to fluctuating energy prices.

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