Solar company SunPower Corporation and GE have completed of a 1.1 MW solar-electric power system on the roof of HP’s printing technology research and development facility in San Diego.

At the HP San Diego facility, SunPower installed a SunPower® T10 Solar Roof Tile commercial roof system, which is a non-penetrating product that tilts at a 10-degree angle to increase energy capture.
As an alternative to purchasing the commercial system itself, HP is buying electricity from GE Energy Financial Services, a unit of GE that owns the system under the SunPower Access power purchase agreement programme.

The solar electricity is competitively priced against retail rates, providing HP with a long-term hedge against rising peak power prices, SunPower says.

‘Collaborating with SunPower enables us to provide HP with an efficient and cost-competitive way to realize the financial savings and environmental benefits of solar power,’ said Kevin Walsh, managing director and leader of renewable energy at GE Energy Financial Services.