‘Heat from rivers’ tech wins game-changer award

A heat pump technology that harvests heat from rivers has won this year’s ‘Global Game Changer ” Corporates for Good’ award at the Glasgow Science Centre in Scotland.

The award recognizes global sustainability and innovation across business sectors.

Star Renewable Energy’s (SRE) technology uses the refrigeration cycle to cool down river water, extracting heat in the process which is delivered at up to 90à‚°C.

SRE is currently developing a project to deploy a water source heat pump in the Gorbals area of Glasgow. The project is planned to heat a sports centre, business centre and housing, with completion planned for September 2018.

The project aims to deliver heat at an equivalent or lower price than gas, with less than half the CO2 emissions and zero local NOx emissions. And, according to SRE, the project will reduce the carbon footprint of several buildings by over 50 per cent.

Scotland’s Low Carbon Infrastructure Technology Programme is supporting the project, which will be larger than the company’s flagship Drammen project (pictured) in Norway. At Drammen, heat is harvested from a fjord at 8à‚°C and delivered via an ammonia heat pump system to a district heating system at 90à‚°C.

David Pearson, SRE’s director, said his firm was “delighted to receive this recognition”. But he warned that the UK “must implement proposed changes in planning, taxation, pre-accreditation and tariff guarantee for large water source heat pumps and balance these support mechanisms with compelling drivers that see existing businesses driven to play their part in change.”


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