Green light for Scottish community hydro schemes

Two new community hydropower schemes in the Scottish Highlands are set to go ahead after financing was secured.

The two run-of-river schemes ” Liatre Burn, on the Glen Cannich estate (pictured), and Abhainn Bruachaig, near Kinlochewe ” will generate approximately 2.8 GWh annually.

The 500 kW high-head Liatre Burn scheme is located near Loch Mullardoch in Glen Cannich, some 35 km south-west of Invernessà‚ whilst Bruachaig is a medium-head 500 kW run-of-river scheme located close to Kinlochewe in the western highlands.à‚ Construction of both projects is already underway with completion of the construction programme and commissioning of the schemes anticipated before the end of the year.

The development comes as Albion Community Power commits à‚£4.8 million (US$7 million) to the development. Albion secured investment from the UK Green Investment Bank, Strathclyde Pension Fund and Greater Manchester Pension Fund.

Ed Northam, Head of Investment Banking, UK Green Investment Bank, said: ‘We believe that decentralised schemes like Liatre Burn and Bruachaig are an important part of the energy mix and have a significant role to play in increasing security of supply, reducing costs and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.’

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