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Green light for Holyhead biomass plant

Consent has been granted for Anglesey Aluminium Metal Renewables to construct a biomass fuelled power station at Penrhos Works, Holyhead, Anglesey, in Wales in the UK.

The plant will generate 299 MW of electricity, enough to power about 300,000 homes.

The operator is expected to source fuel from both imported and local sources, with imports coming in through the Port of Holyhead.

Related works include the extension of the existing Anglesey Aluminium Metal jetty and the dredging ofà‚ a wider approach channel and a new berth pocket, to accommodate ships carrying biomass fuel.

Charles Hendry, minister of state for energy, welcomed this expansion to biomass-fired generation.

“We want a balanced energy portfolio and we want biomass to play a key role in this,” he said.

“Biomass power stations such as this one in Anglesey will provide us a reliable, secure, flexible and renewable source of power. I am especially pleased that the plant offers the prospect of so many high-quality jobs in Anglesey.”

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