German wind power production continues to rise

May 4, 2001à‚–Newly installed wind power capacity in Germany will help boost production in the country which is already the world leader in the sector, the Federal Wind Energy Association (BWE) said in a recent release.

In the first three months of 2001, some 297.5 MW or 4.9% of the country’s wind capacity was added, bringing the total to 6,400 MW, it said. Last year, just under 1,700 MW were added.

BWE president Peter Ahmels said planned expansions in the remaining three quarters of 2001 could boost capacity to more than 8,000 MW at the end of the year.

By comparison, out of the more than 17,000 MW installed worldwide, the U.S. currently accounts for 2,500 MW, Spain for 2,500 MW and Denmark for 2,300.

Germany now has 9,596 wind turbines installed, producing around 12 billion kWh of electricity, or 2.5% of domestic demand.

Ahmels attributed the boost to the sector to the year-old law that subsidizes renewable power generation, which was recently backed by a landmark European ruling. The European Court of Justice ruled in March that the generous prices paid by utilities and their customers to operators of renewable power did not constitute state aid and that environmental protection goals justified the subsidy.

Aurich-based Enercon accounted for a 47.1% share of newly installed generation. Nordex AG of Rostock accounted for 10.2 %; AN Windenergie GmbH of Bremen for 9.8%; Vestas Deutschland GmbH of Husum for 9.1%; and Enron Wind of Salzbergen for 8.6%.

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