German energy company MVV Energie has commenced construction of a new biomass power plant close to Sittingbourne in Kent, UK.

Located at Ridham Dock, an industrial port on the river Swale, the power plant will us approximately 172,000 tonnes of old and waste timber on an annual basis to generate both electricity and heating energy.

The project is being overseen by MVV Environment Ridham Ltd, a UK subsidiary of MVV Energie, and represents an investment of approximately EUR140m (US$180m)

“This represents our first investment in biomass-based energy generation abroad”, confirmed Dr. Georg Müller, CEO of MVV Energie.

The power plant will have a net capacity of 23 MW and generate close to 188 million kWh of electricity a year. The plant will also supply neighbouring industry with heating energy.

MVV Environment is also in the process of building a waste to energy plant in Plymouth, which when operational will use 245,000 tonnes of household waste to generate both electricity and usable heat.

MVV Energie already operates three biomass power plants in Germany with a throughput of 370,000 tonnes of waste timber a year.

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